And on it is so important

And on it is so important On the other hand, when the stream of feelings is not organized, life can become the stopper arising in rush hour.

And on it is so important to that to exercise children in processing of the most different combinations of touch data.

Operating thus, we in practice will open interrelation of sense organs for the child and on we can perceive to it reality in true, harmonious However business is not limited to only one sharpening of feelings.

Such perception will allow the child to belong to Ayers, J.

Sensory Integration and the Child.

Los Angeles WesternPsychological Services.

to itselfhimself and to reality in which he lives, as to uniform to a complex which is very difficult, but complete.

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Itpassive These tikhonky, which strangersmothers hold up as an example, at home is not audible.

They notmiss, to itself invent game, in which, at porridges, will begin to play, order, will obediently throw.

Itpassive children; they want a little and slightly, and thereforeeasily concede, and fiction replaces with it reality,as it is wished also by adults.

In crowd such children are lost, suffer from cold indifference foot, do not keep up with its rough stream.

Instead of understandin and here mothers aspireto alter, violently to impose that only slowly,carefully it is possible to develop wearisome effort,experience of many failures, unsuccessful attempts, the torturer humiliation foot.

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Playing various

Playing various And if the person plays that all of us and we do, it any more herd.

This human society.

Playing various roles, we create human society from herd.

It we also differ from animals.

All of us play time any images, we never happen such what we are actually, even alone with themselves.

In process of the development, the mankind enters in more and more close a lump a munikatsiya, and people constantly follow an example the friend the friend.

Thus, kazhdy from us as the actor, touches in itself the roles noticed at others and in a certain situation dresses them.

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Tyulenev's system

Tyulenev's systemPavel Tyulenev considers that for achievement of the suchresults it is necessary to create simply to the kidthe corresponding developing environment beginningsince the birth.

Feature of a technique is itdynamic character all applied recommendationsgradually become complicated from first weekslives to majority.

Tyulenev's system is not something absolutelynew in the field of pedagogics.

Various authorsB.

Nikitin, M.

Ibuka, Daman, etc.

it was proved,what is children possess huge potential,but only by means of purposeful and timelyoccupations they can learn this potentialto use, differently knacks irrevocablyare lost.

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It offends

It offends In the majority of schools it is accepted to treat children as to empty vessels which it is necessary to fill.

It offends them and pushes to revolt.

Present children are trained not how the former.

They can study as, but they have more than questions and many of these questions very much puzzle them.

These children use a brain more actively and much more effectively study through experience.

Once I Joshua How to lead other children from children's church to knowledgeEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON I do not know he answered in the beginning.

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In months

In months Limits of activity of the child strongly extend, it can master bigger space as started to move.

By months there is an emotional attachment to mother.

Idea of constancy of subjects is formed.

In months finds a look a called subject.

In months persistently looks for and shows a subject.

By months speech and requests of the adult start to regulate actions and movements of the child give a hand, sit down, drink and so forth.

Starts to establish communications of words with subjects, action, a situation.

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