At level

At level In the nature there are two, allegedly, opposite forces – positive and negative.

The game contrast depends on how we put inside to our private egoistical vectors.

Having united in team, in what we play with opponents Drugi words what is a victory It is very important to find out it.

the scored goal is not considered a victory.

At level of our world is a physical achievement.

And above it, internally, we played association, in suppression of and lips novleny communications at higher level, over ourselves.

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Easily restore

Easily restoreLavandovye parentsAre fascinated by children.

Easily restore contact to children's free imagination.

Together with children they decorate the house, do a carnival costume etc.

But cannot give to children a valuable advice, are eliminated from it.

Lavandovye childrenCarry out the most part of time in imaginations.

Prefer to play with imagined friends.

Hide in the unreal world.

Solution of problemsIt is useful to look for such friends and darlings who could softly and help patiently to them to find a rational solution.

Dark blue colorThe perception of this color usually causes associations with the Universe and thought, with fidelity and divine wisdom.

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The aspiration

The aspiration Feeling of the ownadvantages which is formed right now,any more does not allow, that it loved as a propertyor baby.

The aspiration is a littleto separate from parents and their guardianship it is shownin that the child even more often addresses for ideasand knowledge to adults out of a family but onlyto those to whom he really trusts the often authoritativethe teacher becomes a figure.

In this age at children become very popularvarious groups and secret societies.

Children invent any rituals, think outgreetings and special meeting places,to prove thus the independence,ability to operate itself, doing without controlseniors.

It is not necessary to interfere with such games!On the contrary, it is better to help the son or the daughter to equipfor them a confidential staff or to tell,as it is possible to create the own code for the secretcorrespondences.

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If tables hang

If tables hang Already soundedprograms is admissible to change i.


after ozvuchivaNikolay Zaytsev's magic cubes the niya to press other buttons in this caseit is possible many times, passing behind children, to saynot repeating ridiculous text.

If tables hang so that kids can gettheir hands, or are available pointers, game entirelyit is possible to lose on tables, only now childrenwill face the table and to press the chosensections.

Actions of the adult the same.

Even more cheerful option to offer childrenindex fingers of both hands or twopointers to press two different buttons.

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Within hours

Within hours If you consider that the injury of the head was very serious, immediately contact the pediatrist.

Conduct careful supervision over the child within hours.

After survey by the pediatrist the child will be not necessarily placed in hospital.

The doctor can offer supervision over the child in a house situation.

Within hours after receiving a trauma parents should watch behavior and a condition of the child especially carefully.

If during this period of time you cannot wake the child, immediately report about it to the doctor.

It is necessary to inform treating doctor on any change of a condition of the child.

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Ask members

Ask members What to do.

If the kid has barley, impose on a sick eyelid for minutes a napkin moistened with warm water.

Do not turn on bright lighting devices in a room of the child.

Ask members of the family to wash more often than a hand.

Remember that each member of the family should have an individual towel.

Exclude influence of such irritants, as a cigaret smoke and a bright sunlight.

th WEEK When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if the kid had barley.

The doctor can appoint the preparations of local application containing antibacterial components.

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