And to the aunt

And to the aunt But if, having left in a corridor, you you will lay down on a floor, you will bang feet, you will snatch out a key from a case, you will put out language and you will tell to me the Kaka, next time any tea with jam you will not receive.

I tell it very seriously, looking to the girl in eyes, pressing in her consciousness each word.

Usually remote prospects for children do not exist, but I I try, that Fiona understood – and will be.

And Vitya you will not be to love.

And to the aunt to Ira on giving we will not eat – to whom such bad is necessary girl mother is connected.

And here this superfluous – how many troubles on one head! There is enough of what not will be tea with jam.

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Whether you know

Whether you know Many plants contain actively active ingredients which can be incompatible with those medicines which are accepted by the child, or are at all harmful at this disease.

Whether you know about possible collateral actions of herbs which you are going to give to the child Many consider that vegetative components, being a natural material, cannot be harmful.

However this opinion is erroneous.

The chemicals containing in plants, The th WEEK as can have collateral effect, as well as the pharmacological synthesized substances.

Whether the child accepts other medicines If the child accepts the medicines recommended by the doctor, reflect before giving to the child broth or infusion of vegetative collecting twice.

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Allow the kid to play

Allow the kid to play Water feet of the kid, his tummy.

Allow the kid to play independently with a bottle.

I age of the child of months AS MATURED the CHILD FOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of , cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Poisonous ivy The ivy can cause emergence irritations on skin of children.

As a rule, thickets of an ivy meet in the thrown gardens and in shady corners of park.

Action irritating skin the vegetable oils being in green parts of plants possess.

After consultation of the doctor for reduction of an itch give to the child an age dose of a desensibiliziruyushchy preparation.

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Perhaps, they

Perhaps, they And such barriers it is necessary to create much during the day – in games, in on courses where they cannot one without another.

Perhaps, they should lay down the friend under the friend and only then can pass any obstacle.

It in army develop very well, it is necessary to borrow it at in unlimited.

Suddenly it is necessary to drag someone on a stretcher or there are such obstacles when one lays down and on it all run.

, Of course, it is not suitable for girls, but for boys it is very useful.

At every turn, on each turn it is necessary to pick up special obstacles.

They can be physical, they can be moral, such that all of them time facin lifted itself – that is continuous training.

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The dream

The dream There the grassy plateau covered with flowers above stretched, and meters in three from us the familiar and fine figure stood a back to us.

The Svetozarny essence turned to us the person, Isaak cried Jesus! and, having presented me a farewell enthusiastic smile, ran at full speed to the Christ, and that kneeled and caught the kid in open embraces.

Jesus lifted a look on me in its smile there was ALL.

They with the son merged together.

The dream ended.

Having woken up, I felt updated.

I as if soared, free from everything and all.

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And after all we so long

And after all we so long Kolenka, who it I ask, getting a toy camel and anticipating pleasure cognizances.

Cock! Kolya answers.

And after all we so long considered horns and hoofs, combs and claws, moustaches, humps, a trunk, strips and spots on skins.

It surely answered type questions That is at a camel, that is not present at anybody And at an elephant And for what to an elephant a trunk And why to a cow of a horn Where everything disappeared We created what fine interiors, pasting on a kartiyka in to the book the sofas cut out from fair brochures and a chair, placing on tables of a vase with the flowers, a cup, teapots, and samovars! We covered walls tiny portraits, on sofas had pillows, a cloth decorated with an ornament and a fringe.

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