Actually The former feeling of a shoulder and an elbow is lost, and sometimes we with strahy recognize during the difficult moment to us it will be simple there is nobody to rely.

Actually the similar situation develops not roofing felt to in the separate countries.

Let this cold comfort, but is a question of universal tendencies.

After all on the one hand, worldis compressed at us in the face of, turning in small glothe ball village with a common market, the general virtual about a stranstvo and the general culture, and on the other hand, together with all this globality, alienation only grows.

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In case

In case In case of any reasons which led to violation of breath of the child.

If you are convinced that the child contacted to poisonous substances.

After you call in rescue Service, it is necessary to call in the next toxicological center.

In case of a serious travmirovaniye of the child as a result of accident.

In case of long finding of the child under water.

In case of sudden loss of consciousness.

Concussions Concussion is a trauma which results from the blow received at fallin jolting or any other impacts on an organism of the child.

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The people, which

The people, which If the person is not engaged in development of the abilities, talents, does not solve the tasks, starts to weaken and be ill.

For quite some time now began tradition to refuse the life and to hide for care of the child.

The people, which else a lot of things could make, started to consider old.

Society buried during lifetime people of advanced age, and after all they should not be simply useful in use by society, at everyone the problems of soul, the way.

Times changed.

Youth becomes ever less, and people of advanced age in forces.

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  • I mentally talked to Chris's guardian angels though it was not sure that I do it correctly.I was not sure at all that the son has angels for he behaved as a real devil! But I saw results almost at once.And then I began to talk to angels daily.I asked Jozie as Chris behaves now.Perfectly! the woman told, having lit up.It is sad.Does not use some drugs.Studies well at school.To enter into dreams of the child If it is impossible to you normal conversation with the child, to have a talk hearttoheart with it it is possible and in a dream.
  • You as the psychologist represent these internal dismantlings– No.It is quite difficult to me to present it.– What psychologically difficult internal moment! An exit from itself – here that here should occur in the person.So it leaves on the following level, will rise in other system, another dimension.In the nature there are three levels lifeless, vegetative and animal.We – the developed animals.And when we at this level unite, on chinay to rise over myself, we leave on level of people which did not know earlier.
  • The problem of development in parallel is solved impellent sphere of children.Games with toys and subjects.In these games the adult teaches the child to carry out certain, socially assigned to subjects and toys, actions game dolls, balls, cubes, actions with tools a shovel, a spoon, net, etc.Playing with children, observe rules of speech support.First, speech instructions should be accurate, clear to children.Secondly, poems which are used in game, should not be too long it is better, if the adult learns them by heart, their contents should be concrete, clear and interesting to children of early age, without the excessive figurativeness.
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