Don I think

Don I think It is much better, than to appoint any drugs.

Don I think that big absurd.

Adults simply want to hang on children labels for own convenience.

I observed more than once the such.

It is so simpler to get rid from itself of responsibility Ah, at my sonny of DV, that is why he so behaves.

There is an occasion to feed the person with tablets.

Quite often these tablets in general appoint by mistake, and children suffer.

Often deficiency of attention arises just owing to a lack of attention to the child from parents.

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More often

More often The child, not able to supervise the mediumichesky channel, quite often appears in similar situations.

Especially sharply mediumichesky abilities are shown at teenage age.

Intensive hormonal transformations in a combination to emotional and sincere problems of the teenage period can awaken in sensitive soul desire to leave a body.

And when the soul is present not up to the end, the body as I already spoke, can turn into the open canal for extraneous energiya.

More often such body seize not any otherworldly essence, and energy and desire of other people.

As a result the teenager sometimes speaks and does things which was not going to do, and then repents This turned out.

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The love

The love And that reasonable, kind,eternal that it sowed, got to a fertile field.

To love mankind it is easier, than to do goodnative mother quoted Sukhomlinsky the Frying pan.

It is possible to tell also what to love mankindeasier, than two tens children which sitbehind school desks.

Sukhomlinsky loved children and workedheart.

The love and selfsacrifice were itreligion.

And it, unusually modest person,had the right to tell to the graduates I conducted youby a hand, gave you the heart.

There were minutes,when it was tired.

When in it were settledforces, I hurried to you, children.

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  • I mentally talked to Chris's guardian angels though it was not sure that I do it correctly.I was not sure at all that the son has angels for he behaved as a real devil! But I saw results almost at once.And then I began to talk to angels daily.I asked Jozie as Chris behaves now.Perfectly! the woman told, having lit up.It is sad.Does not use some drugs.Studies well at school.To enter into dreams of the child If it is impossible to you normal conversation with the child, to have a talk hearttoheart with it it is possible and in a dream.
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  • The problem of development in parallel is solved impellent sphere of children.Games with toys and subjects.In these games the adult teaches the child to carry out certain, socially assigned to subjects and toys, actions game dolls, balls, cubes, actions with tools a shovel, a spoon, net, etc.Playing with children, observe rules of speech support.First, speech instructions should be accurate, clear to children.Secondly, poems which are used in game, should not be too long it is better, if the adult learns them by heart, their contents should be concrete, clear and interesting to children of early age, without the excessive figurativeness.
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