At first sight, it would

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At first sight, it would At first sight, it would be possible to expect that educational achievements at such school will be much lower, than in moskovthe sky.

However Vygotsky found out that progress not only does not concede in its school, but sometimes and exceeds level of big schools where age division practises, before are taught separately, and the main thin tasks of teachers and pupils are accurately differentiated one train, others study.

It became clear that training at rural school more effektivno, than in usual because it is conducted with live participation of pupils, extends not from above, and between them, on their initiative, with game elements.

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The open

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The open But he simply repeats a lot of things for you, gradually correcting pronunciation and relying thus only on acoustical perception.

With rare exception each child with a Down syndrome to to years, and even earlier, can repeat for you some syllables.

And I I start speech trainin beginning not with separately taken words and not with statements of separately taken sounds and especially not from phrases, let even the shortest.

The open syllable beginning with is accepted to unit firm consonant.

To tell oh, , the hectare and, is etc.

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At first children

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At first children– It is possible to teach it the child through game – We try to make it.

We understand that such game should be twoforeign.

And I want, that within our educational association started to train children in acting.

We should show to the child that it is possible to fly into a rage, rise over the properties.

At first children can be disconnected from the problems and experiences thus.

And then we train them in other role.

The child as the actor with the inner world, at first studies an offered role, and starts it to play then.

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Arrived. There

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Arrived. There Cries.

And hares get out and speak Why you cry Therefore that there is no Snowman.

Stuck together.

Thanks, children also came to a bear.

The bear slept, woke What, children What want Letters at us no.

The fox and a wolf stole.

Well .

Suddenly the wolf and a fox fought, forty seized the letter and departed with the letter.

Gave to the Snowman the letter of forty.

Also came to Father Frost Give me toys and a firtree.

Gave them, and sat down in sledge, and elk harnessed, and went.


There were children through a threshold and see hurrah, the Snowman brought a firtree and toys.

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